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Louis AllportHi, my name’s Louis Allport, and thank you for visiting.

I’ve been a small business owner for many years now and am the founder of SevenFigureBlueprints.com.  This site was specifically put together to help you start and/or grow a profitable small business.  Whether you’re looking to make $500 extra a month part time, or perhaps $5,000 – $10,000 a month full time, or even potentially quite a lot more, this site’s goal is to help you achieve that.

So if you have an existing small business (whether you run that business from home or from an office), and are looking for it to do better than it is, this site is designed to help.

Or, if you’ve not yet decided on exactly which business interests you, this site will give you plenty of ideas to help you find the one that’s a good fit for you, and to then help you start and grow that business.

And very, very importantly, at Seven Figure Blueprints we focus on tactics and strategies shown to work for the long term, and making sure to avoid hype and unrealistic expectations wherever possible.  If you’ re attracted to overblown promises of instant riches while you sit on the beach, this site isn’t for you.  Or if you enjoy reading sales copy that screams at you, this site isn’t for you either.  We deliberately instead take a calmer and more measured approach with this site to help really benefit readers and customers long term.

And before anything else, be sure to become a free member of the site and get access to tons of great content instantly, and at zero cost.  This way, you can start to benefit from the site without spending a cent, and so that you can get an idea of the quality of content and training we provide to customers.

And in case you’re wondering why the site is called “Seven Figure Blueprints”…  Well, initially the idea for this site was to only talk about business ideas that had the potential to make a million dollars.  I changed my thoughts on that after a while and the site went into limbo for quite a period.  However, even though the focus of this site has changed and actually become broader, I liked the name enough to stick with it.  So not everyone’s looking for a business that makes a million dollars, and in fact many people are quite happy to make a few hundred a month part time, or a few thousand a month full time.

Now of course, making a million dollars a year with a small business may well appeal to you, and many small businesses in all kinds of markets do just that, from service businesses like web designers and accountants, through to 100% online businesses like affiliate marketers and software publishers.  Of course hitting a million dollars (Seven Figures…) in sales in one year takes a lot of work, and often involves recruiting and managing staff members, so building a small business to that level isn’t what everyone’s looking for, but perhaps $50,000 to $100,000 a year working for yourself and doing something you enjoy, may be just what you’re looking for.

Okay, that gives you an introduction to the site.  If you’re not interested in starting and/or growing your own small business right now, this site may not be for you, or if you’re still in the market for ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes, we can’t help you either I’m afraid.  But if you’re interested in building up a real small business that pays you a great income for years, even decades, to come, then this site is for you.

Okay, so with this brief introduction out of the way, let’s go through the main sections that make up this site:


Free Membership

The Seven Figure Blueprints free members area offers you a huge (and ever growing) amount of content for free.  We offer you all this so you can see the kind of content we make available to customers, but without you having to spend a dime.  To become a free member just sign up with your name and email address and you’ll get instant access, and can log back in at any time to go through the content further, and check for updates.


Small Business Blog

By becoming a regular reader of our blog you can expect regular in depth articles, tutorials, and more.  In fact, it’s our intention to make this blog one of the very best home and small business resources available anywhere, and at absolutely zero cost to you.  No hype, just helpful, practical, and usable information.


Our Product Catalog

Be sure to check out our ever-expanding catalog of exclusive products giving you the tools and know-how to start and run a successful and profitable small business.



Coaching You to Business Success

If you’re interested in personalized and in depth coaching to support you in the process of growing your business, we offer a number of coaching options to help you reach your small business goals.



Services to Help Your Business Grow

Sometimes the work of creating and marketing a website either takes time or expertise you don’t have, so having that work done for you and to a very high standard can help your business push forward while you concentrate on other things.



Log In For Members & Customers

If you’re a free member, or a customer, to log in to the private area of the site that’s right for you visit this page and click through to the private access area.  You’ll need the appropriate access details to enter the private download area.



Get in Touch

If you have any questions as a visitor, free member, or as a customer please contact us through this page.  We generally will get back to you either the same or next business day (Monday to Friday) but if you need a faster answer we also have a knowledge base available to help immediately answer some/all of your questions.




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